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2011 Best Wooden Swing Sets

Find a complete listing of the Best Wooden Swing Sets available online from major retailers!

So what constitutes the best wooden swing sets?  What might be ideal for you might not work for another family.  The criteria for selection should include:

1. Size and features of the Swing Set – do you want just a quality swing set or do you want a clubhouse, sandbox, slide and more?  And of course, you need a bigger yard for some of the larger swing and gym sets so do some measurements if you have a smallish yard.

2. Is a cheaper swing set the best?  Maybe.  If you are on a tight budget, price is, of course, important.  So look at the price, and be sure to consider taxes and shipping.  Some major retailers include shipping to their stores and some merchants include free shipping to your home.  If you think the cheaper swing sets are adequate for your needs, go for it.  You have to remember that no matter what the wood, a swing set isn’t going to last forever and of course the kids do outgrow it eventually.

3. Set up time. Unfortunately, most of the reviews of swingsets that we find on merchants sites dwell on the set up time.  While that is important, it is a one time issue.  Just be sure that you have the tools and help from a neighbor if you need it.

4. Durability.  Darn, this is the hardest to determine.  You just don’t see many reviews that come in five years later describing the durability of the swing sets and if you do, that swing set probably isn’t still on the market anyway.

Some of the brands you might want to consider:

Backyard Discovery (formerly Adventure Playsets).  These are large, inexpensive wooden swing sets available at a few mass merchants.

Gorilla Playsets. These are the top of the line wooden swing sets.  We did find reviews for a swingset that had been used for 3 year and the parents commented that it still looks almost brand new.

Swing-N-Slide. Another brand with premium lumber and bracket systems. They also have do it yourself kits where you purchase the parts excluding lumber and buy the lumber locally.

Find these brands and more, including where to purchase, on our page of Wooden Swing Sets.

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  1. Comment by simplyswingsets

    My family and i have been getting ready to build a wooden swing set. Thanks for the helpful article.

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